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Terry McDougall is an Executive and Career Coach and author of Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms. Prior to becoming certified as a coach, I was a long-time marketing executive in financial services. Today I work with high-achieving professionals who are “successful but not satisfied” to optimize their professional success AND personal happiness. I’ve found that way too many “successful” people are not very happy and are feeling stuck and/or burnt out. My goal is to help people begin to reconnect with their internal wisdom and understand that what they want matters and is worthy of their attention. For many high-achievers, they become almost addicted to external validation to the point that they lose touch with their own desires. Because of this, they will push themselves relentlessly which results in burnout. Often by the time people seek out me for coaching they often are considering quitting their jobs even though their livelihood depends on it. The focus of my coaching and the topic of my book is about helping people see the larger context of the work environment — much like seeing the whole playing field in sports. When they begin to see the bigger picture, they begin to understand that there are myriad options for what they can do next and that in reality the pressure that they put themselves under is not necessary, and is in fact, a huge waste of energy that could be used more productively. I’d love to be a guest on your show and talk about some of the issues that I see with my clients and what shifts are needed to overcome the anxiety, depression, anger, fear, and confusion that so many people experience at work.

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