Turning Defeat into Triumph – The Jason Freeman Story

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An inspirational conversation with Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Perseverance Coach Jason Freeman (On the Phone), about his own life story and turning defeat into triumph. Whether speaking in front of thousands of people or coaching a client one-on-one, Jason Freeman has a unique gift to both inspire and guide his audience to recognize the best within themselves and take a step closer toward the goals and dreams they desire. Aided by a speech impediment, Jason exemplifies the awesome possibility of turning limitations into leverage that, with persistence, can turn defeat into triumph. He has shared the stage with well-known speakers in business, education, and (dis)ABILITY communities around the country and would love to help you or your audience make their goals actionable and attainable. Author – Awkwardly Awesome- Embracing My Imperfect Best TEDx Talk – click to watch Website – click here Phone – 619-823-8536 CV – click to view

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