Serious Mental Illness – The Amanda Webster Story

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An in-depth conversation with Amanda Webster about her Serious Mental Illness (SMI) diagnosis and her victory which included being decertified. Amanda Webster: I used fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to go from a hotel ledge where I was ready to end my life to being decertified as having a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) by the very professionals that told me it was impossible. I am now able to be happy with my nine-year-old, have the energy to chase my dreams and live every day as an adventure and not something to merely survive. I am a certified Mind-Body Wellness coach helping others find happiness through my course, Happiness Boost, instead of the complacency we are so often sold. I’ve been featured in Women’s Health, Cosmo, Oxygen, and Yoga Journal and on a variety of podcasts. I’d like to talk about how we can take our dark past and struggles and turn them into our own superhero story.

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