An Honest Discussion about Race Relations with Writer and Public Speaker Kevin Hofmann

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Kevin Hofmann is an accomplished writer and public speaker who has a passion for adoption and especially Transracial adoption and enjoys sharing his experiences as a biracial Transracial adoptee to help other adoptive families. Working with the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program, Kevin serves as a trainer and helps educate foster/adoptive parents across Ohio in the areas of Transcultural parenting, Cultural Diversity, and Search and Reunion. Appearing all over the United States speaking to parents and professionals his perspective and light-hearted yet contemplative view is sought after by many. Kevin has written articles for several publications including Adoption Families Magazine and is an active blogger for Kevin will be featured on Nightline ABC in a piece on Transracial adoption. Kevin’s memoir, Growing Up Black In White is presently used as part of several college curricula in the schools of social work and multiculturalism. Because his story also addresses the impact of race and culture in our society, he uses his story to create open discussions on race and culture as well. Hofmann now lives with his wife and two sons in Toledo Ohio..

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